5 Steps to help you select a high quality infared panel heater

5 Steps to help you select a high quality infared panel heater

On the market,the far infrared panel heater appliances are increasingly popular, but sometimes they look the same, and it's difficult to  distinguish between good and bad if only judging by appearance.Hopefully, once you have read this, you will be able to select a good quality heating panels.

1.Examine the surface

High quality panel heaters are always with clean and tidy surface.Due to the productive technology of PET carbon crystal heating film, there are more or less some  You can find scratches on the white PET surface, this is difficult to avoid.But supplier with strict quality control system will never let the defective heating film to get into the production process.


And what's more, workers always handle and assemble them with great care in every process.
So you will seldom find surface defects on the panel heaters which are with high quality.

2.Touch the corner

It's a key point for most of the framed panel heaters because not all the supplier can make the corner connection not only smooth but also seamless.


When you touch the corner of bad craft, it's sharp and easy to hurt,Also it will not look good.

3.Feel the Stability

Put the panel heater on a platform or desk, uplift one end of it, and shake it gently to find if the panel structure are stable. You can feel it when doing so.

4.Check the ground connection


As a household appliances,the most important one is that it should be safe.A correct grounding system on the heating panels is an important measure to protect users from the risk of electric shock.

5.Power-on the panel heater and test the surface temperature

The last step is to check its heating function, power on the heating panels, use a Fluke to test the temperature rise time and watch if the temperature uniform.

Also, there are many other methods to test and select a good quality panel heater,but all of them should be paid attention to details,because small details make all the difference between high quality products and bad ones.

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