Why Choose Byecold?

Infrared Heating Products are made using the most advanced technologies. They not only supply us with the heat that has positive influence on our health, but also save us up to 50% on energy costs. That makes Infrared Heating very energy efficient and also environmentally friendly.So here are several reasons why you should choose Byecold infrared heating panels as your new heating solution.

1Professional Manufacturer

   Byecold Infrared Heater Panels are designed and manufactured with extreme care. Our company have hold many experienced development personnel, professional designers and skilled workers,could  completely make the products according to the clients' requirement. 

2Stable quality

We have a high level professional laboratory,which can ensure that there is an overall inspection on each product.Besides,all of Byecold products will have to pass strictly inspection before leaving factory, to make sure it will work well and stable.

3Competitive price

Bulk purchasing raw material and producing more of same series products result in reducing its cost, this will tend to increase market share, which will lower the price and permit more consumers to buy the product. 

4 Keep improving and developing ability

We have a high bar for the experience our customers deserve and a sense of urgency to improve that experience. There is a special team to gather and research such opinions and feedback. they will test and finally improve as per client’s request.

5Powerful quality control system

3+1 QC system, include IQC, IPQC, FQC and AQC.

AQC is our ingenious special inspection, we call it inspection to inspectors.

 Quick response and good service6

Our sales team will response to any sort of questions from customers within 1 hour during working time.And  can provide clients with pcaking,shipping service and series of technology support.

7Customize service

We can make the products according to clients' requirement, which means the dimension,style  can be customized, and the surface of panel can be with customized images.Also, we can engrave you own logo on the frame or back of heater.

customize service



Low purchase price
In combination with reduced energy consumption.


Low consumption
Compared to other heating solutions and it may reduce your monthly cost up to 60%.


Perfect quality
Strict quality control system,0% defective rate!


No maintenance costs
There is nothing else except electricity that your panel needs,in order to keep working in full capacity.


Heat Instant
You will be able to feel the warmth within the first 10minutes.


Easy installation
It can be installed and used in just in a few minutes,All you need is 4 holes on the wall and that's it.


5 year warranty
we trust our panels and believe it will serve you well all these years.


Healthy and friendly
Feel like sun,it is excellent for people with allergies and it keeps the rooms mold-free and dry.

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